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We believe that life is a continuous journey, with every destination holding a different meaning to everyone. With this in mind, we developed a service to meet every aspect of our clients’ desires. Being a part of the journey is very important to us and we are determined to take you to your destination and back, safe and sound!

Our English speaking tour guides ($30/day) are not only there to guide you through the temples, ask them questions, learn some Cambodian words, make a friend… whatever it is, we want you to make the most of this experience!

After years of consistently providing elite services, we have reached international standards. From day one, we have gone above and beyond to ensure that every client can rely on us for smooth and professional shuttle services. Our passion for hospitality and travel is what makes us your most trusted service in Siem Reap.

Shared & Private Tours

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to escape reality for a while to relax, but doing it alone can get boring!

Siem Reap Shuttle offers a unique tour experience where you’re sure to have an amazing experience, and meet some cool like-minded people at the same time!  If you are traveling alone and would like some company on your lengthy journey through the temples, then these Shared Tours are perfect for you! We combine individuals and travel groups that intend to do the same tours on the same day, put you all on a bus or in a mini-van, and send you off to make friends for the day!

Enjoy the convenience of our Tour Guide, while traveling through the Temples of Angkor at a cheaper rate, with amazing travelers just like you!

Fun Activities

Being such a large hub for tourists from all over the world, Temple Town has more than just Temples in store for you!

We’ve carefully selected the “must-do” activities in Siem Reap, that will give you a unique experience.

Our Team

Mr. Sokha

Position: Sina’s Ex Boss & Current day time Security Guard

Sokha and Sina have a pretty amazing history together. It all started when Sina was still just learning about the tourism and hospitality industry. One of his first ever bosses was Sokha, and they always had a special connection.

Fluent in Thai, Khmer, and some English, Sokha ran the hotel at which Sina worked as a bellboy. Sokha used to sneak the leftovers to Sina after big dinner parties, because he knew that the salary that they worked on wasn’t always sufficient.

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Unfortunately, one day Sokha didn’t make it to work. Late at night on his way home, Sokha was struck head on by a Lorry while driving a small motorbike. Losing a leg, and then his job, Sokha returned to live in the village where he struggled as an unemployed amputee. Sina never forgot about this great influential man that had helped him so much. After ten long years of searching (and in the meantime working hard to develop himself and his businesses) Sina found him. Sina was desperate to help the man that had helped him so much as a younger man, so he hired Sokha as a Security Guard with a sustainable salary. Now, the two see each other almost daily, and reminisce on the early days of the friendship. If you see Sokha on your way in, don’t forget to say hello!

Mr. Sina

Position: Siem Reap Shuttle Founder & CEO

Sina founded Siem Reap Shuttle in 2010 under the name “Easy Tour”, a few hundred meters down the road from the current offices. Working in hotels, a massage parlour, and eventually going on to own that same massage parlour, he noticed a gap in the market.
Constantly receiving busloads of tourists from travel companies in his different jobs, he was able to note the weak points in their services.

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This is how Sina developed the idea for his brand. Siem Reap Shuttle offers safe, professional, and entertaining tours around the Kingdom of Wonder. Let our fleet of certified tour guides and drivers take care of you, we guarantee safety, professionalism and a whole lot of fun!

Ticketing and operating team

Mrs. Sy Sophea

Originally from Battambang, she has been working with us for 4 years and is enjoying her new life in Siem Reap.

Mrs. Sothea

Born in Siem Reap and an excellent cook, Sothea, will take care of you with her 3 years experience with us. Be careful she loves to have long conversations!

Mr. Chhut Raksmey

Our sporty and tech team member from Banteay Meanchey, his main tasks are handling all the ticketing with great care!

Tour Guides

Mr. Cherry

Position: Tour Guide and student of the Pannasastra University of Cambodia
Experience: 5 years
Fun Fact: Enjoys sharing cultures and tasty food, so why not enjoy the Kulen II Restaurant with him!

Mr. ChiVorn

Position: Tour Guide
Experience: 4 years
Fun Fact: Loves to hear about global news issues, share your thoughts with him!

Mr. Phyrom

Position: Certified Tour Guide
Experience: 4 years
Fun Fact: Phyrom is a bookworm, ask him about your latest read!

Mr. Sopheap

Position: Certified Tour Guide
Experience: 5 years
Fun Fact: Sopheap advises everyone to see the Kulen II Restaurant, as this dinner experience is a great display of Khmer culture that he would like to share with you all.

Mr. Chanty

Position: Certified Tour Guide
Experience: 4 years (all 4 years with us at Siem Reap Shuttle!!)
Fun Fact: Chanty is our longest-employed certified guide working entirely in Siem Reap Province.

Mr. Chhaya

Position: Certified Tour Guide
Experience: 10 years
Fun Fact: Mr. Chhaya is a family man and frequent volunteer with impressive experience. Any questions about the area? He’s your guy.

Mr. Yanus

Position: Certified Tour Guide
Experience: 5 years and a new member of our team!
Fun Fact: Big TV fan especially Discovery channel, but loves meeting people from outside of Cambodia!.


Mr. Bunthoeun

Full-time family man and experienced driver from Pronet Preah, Banteay Meanchey Province.

Mr. Chhar VENG

Driver from Kork Thmey village fluent in English and a history buff, ask Mr. Veng Chhar any questions you have about Buddhism, and he’s got the answer!

Mr. Luos ANG

With us for over a year, Mr. Luos is an experienced and professional driver, as well as an off-duty vegetable farmer!

Mr. Meas

Meas has just joined our team but has already worked for 6 years as driver around Cambodia.

Mr. Sarath

Sareth is an experienced local driver, so don’t be shy to ask him about the area!

Mr. Lach

Siem Reap local, Mr. Lach loves to play volleyball in his free time, and beware, he’s a clean freak, so expect a spot-free van everytime!

Looking for fun activities in Siem Reap?

We have so many to choose from that you’ll never have to worry about what to do in Siem Reap. Whether you’re seeking a bird’s eye view of the region, are willing to get down and dirty on dusty countryside rides, or are ready to be amazed by daring acrobatic feats woven into engaging storylines, we’ve got you covered.



Angkor Sunrise Tour

Thank you to our guide, Touch. You made our Angkor Wat experience memorable. You're such a great source of historical information of this places. And with humor and wit. I really enjoyed our tour. Keep up the good work!!!


A fantastic Kulen National Park and Waterfall trip with our tour guide knowing as G1 (Mr ChiVorn) partner with the experience driver known as Pala with the van no. 1021. Well verse with the tour and the care to the team members especially our age 9 girl...

Mei Yen Yap

Incredible Floating Village Tour

My afternoon tour of Kompong Phluk was so wonderful! An incredible look into local life in a floating village. We got to learn about life in the village, see the local houses, watch a gorgeous sunset from a boat, and even...


It was a wonderful trip
It was a wonderful trip and we had a very great tour guide Mr. Sopheap who is not only knowledgeable about the local culture and traditions but also knows how to take photos from... – AndreZ231

Angkor Wat Temple Tour

Our tour guide’s name was Touch. It was a nice experience because he speaks english very well & also a nice person. He picked us up on time and we also went back to our hotel on time. He knows a lot about the history...


Mr.Hoeum Phyrom was our guide. He is really passionate and good photographer. I joined alone, but he take care a lot. He was nice to everyone. Even not our tour group...


Whole Day Angkor Tour
I did the whole day Angkor tour with Mr. Hoeum Phyrom as our tour guide. I must say I was impressed with the quality of the tour. Phyrom (or Peter so most English speakers can say his name easily) used to be a monk...


Great Experience Kompong Phluk

I have never seen anything like this before where people have to adapt multiple times a year to lead a normal like. Cherry was an excellent guide always smiling, very knowledgeable about the geography and...

Shyam Sunder V


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